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Customer Service Case Study

Case Study on Customer Service at its Best


Creative Business Resources (CBR) was hired by IMAG, a manufacturer of custom magnetics and transformers, to manage all aspects of the company’s human resources needs. CBR provides a host of HR services to IMAG, including: legal compliance, payroll, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, human resources consulting and administration. As an Arizona-based business, IMAG is required to verify the employment eligibility of all new hires using the E-Verify system. CBR does the actual verification and follow up for IMAG to keep them in compliance.

In April 2008, CBR received notice from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that one of IMAG’s new hires had received a non-confirmation response from E-Verify. This response is a result of the information on the new hire’s Form I-9 not matching the information held by the SSA. Clerical errors on the Form I-9 are common reasons for receiving this response and if this is the case, typically the issue can be resolved by providing the SSA with the proper documentation.

As advised by CBR and his employer, the IMAG employee followed standard procedure and brought the proper documentation to the SSA located in Apache Junction. When the employee arrived, he was told that despite the fact he had the proper documentation, the SSA was unable to assist him. Shortly after, CBR received notice from SSA that the employee was unauthorized to work and must be immediately terminated by IMAG. IMAG disagreed with this decision and asked that it be resolved through SSA, insisting the employee had the proper documentation.


CBR immediately contacted E-Verify and was allowed to open a new case to give the employee additional time to resolve the discrepancy. Per the advice of CBR, the employee returned to SSA in Apache Junction with the same documentation and asked for a supervisor, only to receive the same response. Out of frustration, the employee stopped coming to work at IMAG. CBR then placed calls to the E-Verify hotline only to confirm that the employee was in fact a U.S. citizen and eligible to work. CBR was informed that the SSA was the only agency that had the ability to resolve the issue.

It was collectively decided that the Apache Junction office either didn’t have the resources or didn’t provide full services at its branch, resulting in the branch being unable to resolve the employee’s case. CBR suggested the employee go to one of the main Phoenix offices and offered a representative from CBR to accompany him.

The employee agreed to go to a Phoenix SSA branch office one last time, and gladly accepted CBR’s offer to have an HR representative come with him. At the SSA office, the customer service representative was very familiar with the E-Verify documentation the employee had and he was able to resolve the case immediately. Subsequently, the employee’s wife was in the same situation with her current employer, and had a letter from E-verify with her. CBR was able to help her resolve her situation that day as well. Both the IMAG employee and his wife were relieved to have the issue resolved and happy to return to work.


CBR is committed to high-quality customer service, and this story demonstrates the company’s willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure it’s fulfilling the needs and exceeding the expectations of its clients. Without the relentless efforts of CBR, this employee may not have been able to continue working at IMAG. CBR understands that its success depends on maintaining lasting and positive client relations and the company works diligently to provide an unparalleled level of customer service.


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