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Case Study: Focus on Safety and Loss Control

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CBR is Proud of our Safety Superstars!

Case Study: All Things Metal has partnered with CBR since September 2010 to Focus on Safety and Loss Control

All Things Metal came to CBR with a focus on safety, but has stepped up their game in making their workplace even safer and more enjoyable. Workers consistently exhibit pride in their workplace and report greater satisfaction, employee morale is higher, and the reward has been a dramatic decrease in E-Mod (and rates) over the past 4 years.

After many years of E-Mods averaging .85, difficult claim circumstances caused ATM’s E-Mod to spike in 2013. With renewed focus on developing a strong safety culture…and a little help from CBR’s Loss Control…ATM is now enjoying a .76 E-Mod, the lowest possible E-Mod for their company! CBR recently focused Loss Control efforts at ATM and within 6 months and at almost no out-of-pocket costs to ATM, they noticed even greater improvements, and are enjoying very favorable workers’ comp rates. All of this makes All Things Metal a safety superstar!

All Things Metal has also improved workplace safety by taking advantage of CBR’s safety audit services. As Timothy Rock, CEO of All Things Metal, said, “I have used CBR’s dedicated risk management department as an external audit resource for our safety program. In the event that a claim occurs, CBR proactively manages it on a weekly basis and administers a Return-to-Work program. Since their CEO, Michael Tope, has owned construction companies, the CBR team really understands the nuances of construction and the challenges that businesses in our industry face.”

In addition to safety and risk management, CBR provides several other services for ATM, including payroll, benefits processing, taxes, and immigration compliance. These services help ATM’s owners and employees focus on their core business functions while minimizing paperwork, improving results, and saving time and money.

“We have worked with CBR since 2008 and I consider them a key partner in my business,” said Timothy Rock. “We currently have 40 employees, and the value that CBR brings is well worth the cost. Partnering with CBR has been one of my best business decisions ever.”

Your company can be a Safety Superstar like ATM and experience numerous business benefits! We have the tools and the ability to help you save money, increase morale, and keep workers safe. Contact CBR Loss Control and watch your company become a Safety Superstar!

“CBR Loss Control has been very cooperative and has worked with us as a partner. I would rather have them come inspect us and tell us what to fix than OSHA show up as my first 3rd party inspection!”

– Timothy Rock, All Things Metal CEO

“The greatest short/long term benefit is employee satisfaction. Employees want to feel safe and our safety program sends the message that the company cares about them.”

– Jeremy MacLiver, COO

Need a reference before committing to CBR Loss Control services?

Feel free to contact Timothy Rock (480-710-8720) or Jeremy MacLiver (602-317-1463) to discuss ATM’s experience with CBR.

Your company can be a Safety Superstar as well!  We have the tools and the ability to help you save money, increase morale and keep workers safe! Contact CBR Loss Control and watch your company become a Safety Superstar!



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